Dance Of The Dead

You're dead
Heard too much, know too much - don't know if I can take it
If the system had one neck, you know I'd gladly break it
They've got us where they want us - stuck in this sick romance
They need no chain - it's in our brain
And we don't stand a chance
If we keep doing this deadly dance
End this sick romance
The dance of the dead
It's all in my head

Know the deal, the way we feel - those of us who care
Constant pain, the endless rain becomes too much to bear
Feel the need to concede - pretend its all ok
But the horror, today, tomorrow, will never ever go away

If you give in to the deadly dance
You've got to take that chance
The dance of the dead
Its all in your head

Ain't got the time or peace of mind to deal with the likes of you
Your narrow views, your two-bit moves just tell me that you're through
You're dead
You're dead
You're dead

Don't give in, live the sin - let them see the sight
There's no answer in the end - fall or fight
Keep in mind, that you'll find them standing in the way
Run them down to the ground - make the guilty pay

And there'll be no more deadly dance
End their idiot prance
The dance of the dead
It's all in their heads

The dance of the dead
The dance of the dead


Writer(s): Woody Weatherman, Pepper Keenan, Phil Swisher, Karl Agell