Damned For All Time

They say they live their lives with purity
Only looking through the whites of their eyes
One nation under God, just like protectory
Are they really hearing the third world cries?

History repeats itself
Self-emulation breeding prosperity
As the nation grows, the brotherhood dies
"Free as a bird" are words meant for you and me
Words that never fit between the lies

History repeats itself
I was born in a nightmare - don't have a choice
No one seems to listen 'cos no one seams to hear my voice
I am but one of billions - teaming faceless legions
Damned to repeat the crimes of those who went before

The teeth in the gears of the killing machine
Are getting sharper as time moves on
As the politician's wingtip presses on the gas
A thousand soldiers will soon be gone
Plowing through the land to annihilate for peace
Another war child is spawned
Sowing seeds of destruction in the name of the beast
Damned for all time

Burning future remembers the smoldering past
Just a cruel lesson - chalked-up experience
Life is a sin when it begins in an iron mask
Die if you try using your biased sense

History repeats itself

Rivers of corruption flowing way too fast
Racing to pollute for their own greed
Malnutritioned wings don't have the strength to last
Fight to the death over one last seed

History repeats itself
I am a witness to all that is and all that should not be
I am cursed with a vision that forces me to see
Sometimes I pray to an unmoving void
For the day that I may close my eyes to the horror which fills inside me


Damned for all time...

Writer(s): Keenan, P, Corrosion Of Conformity, K. Agell